Hi everyone, my name is Adam and this is my straight down the line and truthful review of MovieBlogPress, but let me tell you about me first.

I’m 39 years old from New Jersey and live with my partner and kids who are 5 and 7.I work in construction office 9-5 but I’m always on the look out for extra cash to help pay for bills for when the paycheck just doesn’t cover all the costs of a family household.

I came across MovieBlogPress a few days back and because I love watching movies and the kids like playing games I thought I would take the plunge and purchase – read on to find out how you can make real money like myself from doing something you enjoy and fun!

MovieBlogPress – 100% Automated Website

Can a set and forget method actually work?

movieblogpress review

Movie Blog Press is a website where people looking to earn extra money or income can purchase software where it is a 100% fully automated and it uses WordPress (free) for its operation. People get to watch Movies, TV shows, Play Games and Much More!

This automated site is filled with content for you. But while they are enjoying themselves, you get to earn money! My site alone has earned enough money for me take my family on a short vacation. You make money by advertising on your site and other secret methods that are for members only. Trust me, there is a secret make money guide that comes with MovieBlogPress that will simply blow you away.


MovieBlogPress – Does it Work?

Because I purchased the product I can tell you excatly what is good and what is not so good.

– Easy to Buy and Setup
– 100% Automation
– Support Staff are Very Helpful
– My Site Earning Money after 3 Days
– FREE Trial

– Takes Time to Read all the Guides
– Initial Outlay includes buying your own domain.
– Gets very addictive, watching the movies!

I really liked MovieBlogPress because it is easy to setup, fun to do and you actually earn money, real money. (Just read the site promotion with your membership) and definately works for making money online. I would recommend this product to anyone and after you have read this MovieBlogPress review you will feel inclined to try out the free trial.


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